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The top 5 wedding trends for 2018 by frozen apple weddings



The new year has begun, time to share the wedding trends 2016 with you. Experts wedding planner Sahil Thakur from Frozen Apple Weddings have created an excellent selection of trends for the Udaipur wedding industry from the worldwide wedding trends.

1. Combine color

Up to now, we have put the color accents especially in the details like ribbons, lanterns and flower arrangements. 2018 will change that!

We are going to combine multiple colors, and we carry the colors bigger. At the ceremony, we see this especially in chair decoration and wedding bands of colored uni fabrics. At dinner, we opt for beautiful light colored tablecloths and napkins, and we do not fall for the convenience of the already existing white linen of the location. By applying color in this way, you get a whole different atmosphere experience, and the colors in flowers and accessories will reinforce each other.

Festival Fiesta is the wedding theme for 2018

The outdoor weddings remain as popular as ever, again or again. Getting married on the beach now seems really passé. Fiësta is the magic word in 2018. The Fiësta theme gives the festival weddings a Spanish / Mexican flavor. We leave the straw bales away, opt for wooden chairs such as the Crossback chairs. Sangria and Tacobarretjes are hot, and you want to spicier … process red peppers in flower decoration or in your bridal bouquet! Sombreros, cigars, flowers in the hair and the typical ‘Papel Picado’ garlands give your wedding an instant happy and festive feeling. It’s a Fiesta!

Beautiful Botanicals

Are not you so hot from the colorful, extroverted trend Fiësta? Then this subdued trend is something for you! Offwhite, wood, and green you need for the pure, powerful simplicity of Beautiful Botanicals. With this wedding style, you use almost no flowers, but you only choose leaves, very beautiful leaves that you can use solitary. The natural pattern of the chosen leaf is of course also carried through in your invitation and wherever possible.

Hanging flowers

In addition to processing more green in the flower arrangements, in 2018 we will also see more hanging flower decoration. Very cautiously we saw this trend trickle into India in 2017, but it did not really continue. For 2018, these trendsetters have already incorporated the hanging flowers into their styling assignments. As eye-catcher in a party room, as a backdrop to the ceremony or to a wedding bower, on wooden shelves above dinner tables..

Cool balloons

On our search for new trends, we came across these crazy balloons. Hard to get in the Udaipur, India, but that will probably not take long. Use these trendy balloons with your photo shoot, too nice! You only need a few to steal the show. Wedding planners in Jaipur, Jodhpur and other cities of Rajasthan can make such kind of arrangement to make your wedding days memorable.




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